TV Live Wallpaper: for Samsung, LG, Sony 4K SMART TV

TV Live Wallpaper aquarium

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As the old saying goes, a picture can tell a thousand words. But, what if a picture could tell you ten thousand words? Well, it can. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you TV Live Wallpapers aka 4K screensavers.

TV Live Wallpaper for 4K SMART TV 

One of the most enduring computer features of PCs in the last 3 decades, screensavers are as commonplace as any Microsoft operating system.

The times of being greeted by the floating Microsoft logo or the squiggly, growing pipe design after leaving our computer idle for a few moments seem relics of a bygone era. Today, screensavers have evolved to become so much more than static images or basic GIF animations – they are an essential element to how we interact with and experience computers in the modern digital age.

Whether adding a touch of creativity and beauty to a dreary office space or lifting our spirits, the vivid detail of 4K screensavers can imbue us with a sense of wonder and can even lift our spirits.

What Is 4K Resolution?

Simply put, you don’t get any better than 4K resolution (yet). Images are sharp and colors are vivid. 4K resolution is a delight for the eyes, allowing us to explore and absorb images in the minutest detail. 4K resolution is named for the degree of horizontal resolution provided by the pixelated image.

Sometimes known as Ultra High Definition, with images consisting of approximately 4000 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels.

Dominant in the fields of digital photography and television, 4K resolution offers the sharpest images possible by current digital technology.

Screensavers with 4K resolution can completely transport us to a place about as far away from our desks or laps as possible. One moment you could be sitting at your desk, worrying how you’ll ever make that looming deadline, the next you could feel in harmony with the natural splendor of an aquarium and its picturesque beauty.

4K aquarium TV Live Wallpaper download

Aquarium TV Live Wallpaper and 4K Technology

It’s long been known that pleasant scenery promotes a positive frame of mind. This positivity is integral to enjoying a prosperous working and home life. Just taking a moment out of your day cam make all the difference, allowing you to re-focus and re-energise.

One of the great things about an aquarium TV live wallpaper is that it provides you with that sense of escapism and tranquility for a nominal price. A home or office aquarium doesn’t come cheap. Then there’s the upkeep and the added expense of populating it with fresh or seawater fish, before you know where you are, you can spend a fortune!

Why bother with hassle and expense of buying an aquarium when you get the feeling from an aquarium TV live wallpaper. Should you have a laptop or a tablet, you can also carry the feeling of harmony wherever you go!

jellyfish aquarium screensaver

Better Quality Equals More Impactful TV Live Wallpaper

Our eyes are attracted to crisp imagery, imprinting what we see to our brains. In an age where we’re treated to a visual feast each time we turn on the television or start our laptop, poor resolution images are simply not as impactful.

4K aquarium screensavers mirror the standard of technology that are eyes are used to witnessing
every single day. The images they project are more than just images – they are an experience.

The ocean is also proven to enhance our sense of calm and clarity. The color blue is by far and away the favorite color of people across the world, invoking feelings of depth and happiness.

If you want to find a simple way to de-stress, enhance productivity or fill your home or office with colour and creativity, a TV Live Wallpaper is a great way to do it.

Desktop Wallpaper images of our aquariums

Our Windows screensavers include the option to set a screenshot as your desktop wallpaper image. If you want to do it manually see: How to set a desktop wallpaper for Windows PCs which is a link to a blog where we have uploaded many of our screenshots that you can use for free as your desktop wallpaper.

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2 thoughts on “TV Live Wallpaper: for Samsung, LG, Sony 4K SMART TV

  1. John Belche says:

    None of the 4k videos will play on my latest Mac Pro. iTunes won’t recognize. Only VLC player can play the videos but may not preserve surround sound audio. Do you know of the best encoder to preserve a/v and play on a Mac? Very disappointed purchasing the mega bundle it didn’t make it easy.

  2. Admin says:

    Hi John. Apple will soon update their software (finally) to be able to play H.265 videos. It is crazy it has taken them this long, especially as the iPhone has been recording video in H.265 for years.

    For now, VLC is the best option. I highly recommend using extreme caution if looking for an alternative as there are loads of dodgy looking video converters which Google allows to be ranked instead of helpful pages, like a codec pack.

    None of us currently use a Mac but we would have installed codec packs in the past to make the videos play. I have looked for that but can’t5 find them, hence suggesting to wait it out and stick with VLC for now.

    Actually, this page suggests the update has already taken place:

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