Summer Screensavers

Summer Screensavers

Last Updated on May 8, 2023 by Uscenes

Best Summer Screensavers

It has been 6 years since we last compiled our favorite summer screensavers. So it is high time we revisited our top picks for the kind if screensavers which have a summery feel. Since our last collection we have filmed many more amazing locations around the world. We have also upgraded our equipment to film in 4K Ultra HD resolution. That’s 4 times bigger and better than before with Full HD.

4K Summer Screensavers for UHD SMART TVs

Each of the screensavers below are available for download on this site in 4K resolution as a video to loop on 4K SMART TVs. You just need to download to your laptop, add to a USB stick, then play them on your TV with repeat selected, so that they loop continuously as long as you like.

The MP4 videos feature 5.1 surround sound and last 20 minutes. The camera stays still, so the looping point is usually not noticeable.

Try a Free Windows 10 screensaver of a beautiful aquarium!

Full HD Summer Screensavers for HD TVs

Each 20 minute video is also available in Full HD. As these were filmed in 4K, the quality is better than our old summer screensavers as we are squeezing 4 time more resolution into the frame, then down-scaling the footage to 1080p Full HD. All modern HD SMART TVs will be able to play these ambience videos off a USB flash drive. Old ones might need a media player box.

4K Windows Summer Screensavers for high resolution laptops and PC monitors

Each video is also available in 4K resolution for computers running Microsoft Windows 10. These are only 3 minutes long because they automatically loop, just like normal screensavers. They give you the option to set a screenshot as your desktop wallpaper. They have volume control. They can also be used on multiple screens.

Full HD Summer Screensavers for older computers, low resolution monitors and small laptop screens

For low to mid range PCs and laptops the Full HD screensaver option is usually best. Full HD is still excellent resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Plus, these are around half the file size of the 4K versions (3840 x 2160 pixels). Which means they won’t put a strain on lower end computers. They have the same features as the 4K Microsoft screen savers.

Tropical Vista

This is a stunning 4K Ultra HD beach scene download,which we filmed in The Philippines on a small island called Siquijor. It features relaxing nature sounds, a palm tree, white sand beach, clear blue water and a sandbank. This is our favorite beach screensaver of all time.


4K Waterfall Video

You should watch this 4K waterfall video download on full screen as it is a collection of many small waterfalls which together make up a massive waterfall. This is one of the most impressive sights I have ever witnessed. It literally took my breath away when we first saw this mass of small waterfalls. It creates a stunning big collection of many waterfalls which is worth adding to your bucket list of places to visit before you die. After Mount Bromo in Indonesia, this is probably the most spectacular scenery I have seen.


Purple Sunset

This is a beautiful purple sunset we captured abroad. It was a lucky evening with a unique sunset which produced this beautiful color over the ocean. Download a lovely 4K sunset background video and loop on any size TV in glorious 4K resolution, with relaxing ocean sounds.


Idyllic Beach

If you want to download a 4K relaxing beach scene, you should love Idyllic Beach. This is another paradise island with white sand which we filmed in the Philippines. This one was shot on a tiny island in Palawan, which has just one part time resident. It was a privilege to soak up the sun in such a pristine beach with crystal clear water.


Resort Beach

This one was filmed on the amazing tropical island of Mauritius. It was shot at a luxury resort with pristine grounds. This is a very popular summery screensaver for anyone wanting a beach wallpaper video for any TV or PC screen.


For many more 4K summertime screensavers visit our 4K nature downloads page. We have lots more sunny videos filmed all over the world. If you want multiple screen savers for your TV and PC screens, consider our Mega Deal for the best value (see below).