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Last Updated on February 11, 2023 by Uscenes

Looking for a Way to Boost Patient Satisfaction? Add Waiting Room Videos to Your Surgery

As any doctor’s surgery will tell you, patient satisfaction is crucial. How patient’s feel about their level care is essential to any surgery’s continuing ability to help the community. But should effective patient care lie solely with the doctor? From a medical perspective, absolutely. From a general perspective, not necessarily.

How patients feel when they visit a surgery is paramount. Often, it’s the little touches that make all the difference. From talking with a kindly receptionist to the waiting room decor, there are several factors that can boost patient satisfaction – but have you considered the benefit of displaying waiting room videos?


Increase Patient Knowledge

Presenting videos with medical content to patients increases the knowledge and awareness they have of their own health. This is vital to helping patients recognise any symptoms or bolstering any advice given by a doctor.

 In addition, HD videos can give patients more information about specific medical conditions. Clearly displayed Ultra HD videos outlining the treatment for a vitamin D deficiency or the proper dietary requirements to avoid obesity will educate patients as they sit and wait for their appointment.

Not only that, waiting room videos that feature calming scenes can help to focus patients before they speak to a doctor. This is vital to helping patients accurately explain how they feel aiding effective medical treatment.

waiting room TV solutions  

Decrease Anxiety with our Waiting Rooms TV Solutions

Educated patients are more capable of managing their health – and the less likely they are to feel anxious when recognising the first symptoms of illness. Dentists are known for having calming fish tanks in their waiting room, so no it only makes sense that many practices are looking for waiting room videos so that they have less hassle and more variety.

When patients don’t understand the nature of a procedure, it’s difficult to stop the swell of nervousness. One of the most effective ways to immediately put patients at ease as they enter a surgery is to create a tranquil environment – and waiting room videos by Uscenes are the ideal solution. Just download our calming scenes and loop them on any TV or PC monitor.

Just think how much calmer you’d feel if you sat down for your appointment and looked around the room to see a calming HD or 4K virtual aquarium. Immediately transporting you to a place of serenity, these videos are both transfixing and calming, helping patients forget their malady, if only for a moment, and focusing their minds before they speak to a doctor.


Build Trust

A transparent and forthright healthcare provider is one that will promote trust between patients and the practice. It’s not uncommon for patients to grow sceptical or weary of medical advice, processes or treatments. Building a trustworthy patient-practice relationship is paramount.

A welcoming medical environment, one with calming waiting room videos or clear medical advice, will help to build trust from the moment that patients walk through the front door.  Displaying positive patient feedback, treatment data and educational information, combined with a calming screensaver, such as a HD virtual aquarium, will help any surgery to build trust from the moment that patients enter.


Reduce Perceived Waiting Time With Relaxing Videos like Aquariums

Another primary benefit of displaying Ultra HD videos in a doctor’s waiting room is that they help to improve the efficiency of a healthcare service by decreasing the perceived patient waiting time. It’s estimated that 39% * of patients become frustrated if they wait longer than 20 minutes. This emotion isn’t helpful to patients who are suffering with ailments.

This means that those patients who stay sat in a waiting room for their appointment for 30 minutes will feel like the waiting time is a mere 20 minutes – if you have engaging waiting room videos decorating the walls. This experience will increase patient satisfaction as they’ll feel that their appointment has come quicker than they expected. This will encourage them to visit your surgery again.

Why Uscenes Waiting Rooms TV Solutions are the Best

It’s obvious that adorning your waiting room walls with relaxation videos has a wealth of benefits. The question really is, if you haven’t decorated your walls with a waiting room video or two, what are you waiting for? We offer a one off licence for all our videos in their highest resolution for $399. This is for establishments with up to 100 people per day in their waiting room or other common areas. Contact us if your needs are greater for a reasonable quote. 



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