How to Calm Down Children with Autism: What Parents Should Know

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Disclaimer: we are not providing medical advice. We have researched this topic to provide useful information, but you should always consult your doctor before implementing medical advice you read online. We were alerted to the fact that our videos can help people with autism when we received the following comment:
My son has autism and normally takes up to 3/4 hours to go to sleep. 5 min tonight, and he was out like a light. A thanks can’t cover how happy and thankful I am tonight. Alet
It’s not uncommon for children with autism to become overstimulated. Often light, sound and touch can drastically affect their mood, as can changes in routine and unexpected events. As autistic children have difficulty understanding or communicating their feelings, a sudden shift in sensory perception or experience may result in the child becoming fearful or frustrated. Whenever a child is in distress or throwing a tantrum, a parent’s natural response is to help in any way they can and make them feel better. As distressful as the event may be, calming children with autism down requires a slightly more considered approach.

How to Help Calm Down a Child Having an Episode

It’s important to remember that every autistic child is different. Valuable autistic aids for one child may prove unhelpful to a different child. However, there are a few medically-agreed techniques that parents of autistic children will benefit from learning in the event of an episode.

Distract the Child with Visual Aids

One of the most accepted methods of helping an autistic child in distress is to distract them from how they are feeling in that moment. Autism visual aids are generally considered to be a highly- effective way of diverting their attention and calming their mood. Encouraging the child to focus his or her attention away from their distress and towards a picturesque and soothing 4K UHD video image can cause their frustration to melt away as they become distracted by the singular sensory image in front on them.

How to Help Calm Down a Child Struggling to Settle at Night

Bedtime can be a particularly challenging time for parents of autistic children. Any reluctance that the child is feeling like turning in for the night will be magnified because they’re unable to express their refusal eloquently.

Calm the Child with Beautiful Scenery

It’s commonly agreed that visual aids for autism can help autistic children who struggle to settle for bed. Sleep deprivation will affect a child’s mood, as it will a parent’s ability to help them. If you struggle for hours at a time to help your child to settle, as visual aids are the perfect solution. Being highly sensitive to sensory perception, autistic children will benefit greatly from 4K HD videos of relaxing streams or idyllic beaches. In a matter of minutes, a soothing calmness with wash over them, allowing them to drift away into the quiet recess of slumber.

How to Calm a Child Before an Episode

Reassurance and love is something that every child needs. When they begin to experience a wobble and begin to feel isolated and alone, it’s important for parents to offer tender reassurance.

Show Them You Care and Help Them Feel Better

Verbal communication is a source of great frustration for many autistic children. Not communicating in the way that they’d hoped may cause a wobble to escalate to an episode. If the child isn’t responding to you, parents are advised to communicate through images. Sharing the experience of autistic child videos together will bond you and your child together in the moment and help them feel better at the onset of an episode. By pointing out the splendour nature offers atop a cliff or the comfort of heavenly clouds and encouraging your child to focus on the beauty of the world, whilst verbally assuring them that everything’s okay, their black cloud mood will be lifted instantly.

Help Falling Asleep

If your child has trouble sleeping, you might want to take a look at our sleep aid video, which has hundreds of thousands of happy viewers.

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