How Relaxation Videos Can Help with Social Anxiety

videos for social anxiety

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Anyone who suffers from social anxiety (social phobia) is familiar with the clutch in their chest when faced with social situations. The urge to retreat can become so overwhelming that many with the disorder do all they can to avoid daily interaction, which vastly decreases the quality of their lives.

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There are no ‘one treatment cures all’ approach to help people suffering from the debilitating effects of social anxiety, however, the medical community does agree on a few accepted treatments that promote natural anxiety relief when in social situations.

Relaxing Videos to Help with Social Anxiety

Have you ever wished that you could escape to an ocean sunset, listening to the slow rhythmic sounds of the waves as they unfold on top of one another? What about the quiet morning serenity of a harbour, listening to the gulls as they lazily go about their morning business?

Guided imagery is a technique with proven meditative qualities that guide your senses away from being trapped in a moment of great anxiety towards a place of peace. One of the most effective anxiety remedies, guided imagery allows your body to enter a relaxed state, preparing you for those occasions that typically make you feel anxious.


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Autogenic Training

A fancy term to describe meditation, autogenic training is one of the most effective natural anxiety remedies. The technique involves repeating a series of statements to yourself about different parts of your mind and body.

Medical professionals agree that repetition of these statements helps influence the how your autonomic nervous system functions – and can be especially useful in situations where you find yourself uncomfortable, anxious or even scared.

When employed with an anxiety relief video, such as one with bees suckling at lavender whilst birds chirp their merry chorus in the background, autogenic training will induce a feeling of security, composure and calm – giving you the strength to face any situation.


Progressive Sound Relaxation

It cannot be argued that sounds affect our thoughts, and in extreme cases, our lumbar system. Sharp screeches and unexpected loud crashes can make anyone anxious and jumpy.

However, just as a sharp screech or loud crash can make us nervous, the progressive sounds of a babbling brook or low hush of the wind can create a feeling of relaxed stillness deep inside our chest.

Progressive sound relaxation will aid complete body relaxation. Helping tensed muscles to flop into a state of relaxation, progressive sound relaxation also helps our body to acknowledge when rest is needed.

This can have tremendous benefits for anyone that suffers from social anxiety. Reducing tension will put you at ease in social surroundings, encouraging you to interact with others and the world around them.

We have a large collection of anxiety videos that are perfect for anyone who’s determined to conquer their fears of social situations. Compatible with multiple devices, their images are sounds will leave an indelible imprint and give you the calm and confidence needed to be social no matter the occasion.

You could choose to sit quietly in front of the television, watching and listening to our 4K Ultra HD relaxation videos before a social occasion, or remember the peace that they offered whilst amid a crowded room. We’re confident that any feelings of unease will simply wash away.

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