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Fireplace Videos for SMART TVs – Great for Stress

When the cold wind whips at your face and the rain lashes down we all pine for shelter and warmth. Sitting by a roaring fire, sheltered from the elements, is most everyone’s ideal way to spend a winter evening.

A fireplace video on your big screen 4K SMART TV can have the same positive effects. Whether at home or in the office, these TV screensavers remind us that despite all the hustle and bustle of lives demands, those moments when our troubles melt away aren’t just welcome – they’re imperative.


Human Evolution and the Comforting Effects of a Warm Fireplace

Harking back to the prehistoric times, human beings have long lapped up the comfort and warmth of fireplaces. Early man would often use a warm fireplace as an opportunity for social gathering. It’s acknowledged that huddled around a fireplace, early man would communicate with his peers, creating bonds that formed the basis of relationships.

Historically the best way to keep warm, protecting oneself from the elements, the relationship between humanity and fire has endured. Today, more than even, a fireplace is an environment where troubles melt away and comfort restored.

In 2014, a study by a leading anthropologist found that the comfort found sitting by a fire is deeply ingrained in our DNA and the result of human evolution. Indeed, relaxing by the fireplace has been proven to reduce blood pressure and leave us with a warm feeling of contentment.

4K Fireplace Video

4K Fireplace Video is one of the highest quality Ultra HD fireplace videos currently available. Ultra HD, UHD and 4K equates to a massive improvement in video quality. You can also choose to download the Full HD option (down-scaled from 4K), which will also be higher quality than our previous HD fireplaces. A perfect background video for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Ornamental Fireplace

We think this is the best 4K fireplace video we have produced. It can be used on UHD SMART TV screens as a replacement for a real, traditional fireplace. The ultra high definition MP4 video is 20 minutes long and the idea is to loop it continuously by pressing your repeat button.

Virtual Fireplace

Download this 4K Virtual Fireplace to transform your big screen Ultra HD TV into a lovely warming virtual fireplace. Also available as a computer screensaver and in Full HD resolution.


Fireplaces are Medically Proven to Beat Stress

Within a study published in the Journal Evolutionary Psychology, Dr. Christopher Lynn of the University of Alabama conclusively proved that our relaxing response to fire is evolutionary.

In his experiment, Dr. Lynn observed 226 adults as they watched a video of a fireplace. Carefully taking their blood pressure before the viewing began and immediately after the viewing ending, the results were eye-opening.

Dr. Lynn observed consistent blood pressure releases across all participants. More interesting, he also found that the longer participants spent watching the fireplace video, the greater the decrease in their blood pressure.

Turning Your SMART TV into a Virtual Fireplace Raises Comfort Levels

Any doubters who believe that fireplaces have limited ability to transform our mood, need only think on Dr. Lynn’s findings. It’s clear that fireplaces induce relaxation and are a multi-sensory, absorptive and social experience.

The resplendent glow, flickering light and crackling sounds of fireplace videos can transform a stressful environment into one of comfort. No more is this apparent than in our home around the Christmas season. If you feel embattled by the strain felt in your preparations for Christmas Dinner, fireplace background videos can transform the environment – leaving you better equipped to manage anything that the day could bring.

For early humans, a fireplace provided warmth and likely provided illumination for hunting, even warding off predators – not to mention being a social nexus. Today, our relationship with fire has evolved. Medically proven to beat stress, the image of a fireplace is one of the simplest ways to ensuring sound mental health and a comforting, even cosy atmosphere.

Fireplace Videos for SMART TVs:

Uscenes fireplace videos are possibly the best ones to look at first. We are the leader in producing simple relaxation videos and also create many nature videos. The fireplaces are filmed in 4K Ultra HD (and Full HD for older ones) and they can easily be downloaded as videos to loop on a 4K SMART TV, or as computer screensavers for both Apple Mac OS and Windows.

Arty Fireplace

This UHD fireplace video is perfect for modern, trendy rooms. It can be used as a stylish TV wallpaper or screensaver on a computer monitor. Choose your download option below.

Christmas Fireplace

4K Christmas Fireplace Video Screensaver is ideal for any screen in your home on Xmas Day. Choose an Ultra HD MP4 video, Full HD MP4 video, Ultra HD Windows screensaver, Ultra HD Mac screensaver and either screensaver in Full HD too. Download your very own Christmas virtual fireplace below.

Toasty Fireplace

A screen filling fire screensaver for your computer and video for your TV. The close up shot of this roaring log fire will make any room feel a little warmer and a lot cosier. See sample clip below in full HD. Perfect for Christmas and winter nights.


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