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Why Relaxation Videos are Essential to Help You Recover from a Sports Injury, Mind, Body and Spirit

You don’t need to be Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton or LeBron James to know that a sports injury takes time to recover from. Depending on the injury itself, you could be out of action for a matter of days, or months at a time. This can be entirely frustrating for athletes of all abilities. When you’re out of action, all most athletes want to do is get back on the pitch, racetrack or basketball court. Yet, return from an injury too soon and you could end up ruing the day and finding yourself back on the recovery table quicker than you can say, “It’s the 2018 FIFA World Cup!” Leading experts believe that the key to recovering as quick as possible from a sports injury is to set yourself goals. An athlete needs to take ownership of their recovery and take the necessary steps to returning to full fitness. Yet, there’s another factor paramount to a full and swift recovery – sports psychology.

Relaxation Videos are Integral to Injury Recovery

The emphasis on having sound psychological health in all matters related to sports has never been more apparent. Mental strength and emotional intelligence can make the difference between a champion and someone who perpetually receives the second-place prize. This is also true of injury recovery. Knowing when to relax with injury recovery cannot be overstated. An injury is your body’s way of telling you to stop and give yourself time to heal. In terms of rehabilitation, relaxation addresses two separate components of injury recovery: the physical recovery and the psychological recovery. Physical injuries need a considered treatment plan – one that depends entirely on the nature of the injury. Psychological recovery includes eradicating any anxiety, frustration and even depression associated with the injury – 4K UHD relaxation videos can really help to put athletes in the right frame of mind to recover quicker from an injury.

Why Nature Videos, and other Relaxing Videos Can Help Recovery from an Injury

When athletes are suddenly unable to train or compete can feel a loss of purpose. This, combined with any physical pain, can result in anger, frustration and stress. Not only that but, athletes are generally born competitors. It’s acknowledged by leading medical professionals that they use sport to cope with, or escape external and internal pressures. In short, it is how they cope with stress. If this coping mechanism is suddenly taken away, athletes may find it difficult to cope – especially if they have a long-term injury. By focusing on something else, channelling their energy into their recovery with the help of relaxation videos, athletes can vastly cut their recovery time. In addition, learning to stay relaxed throughout the recovery period will help reduce stress, anxiety and tension – increasing healing speed. Stress causes inflammation. The more stressed an athlete feels, the more inflamed their injury is likely to become. Immersive nature videos are a great way to consistently reduce stress, thereby increasing recovery speed.

Promoting Positivity

As mentioned, positivity is essential to swift recovery. With fears and frustrations bubbling to the surface throughout an injury layoff, it can be quite difficult for any athlete to stay positive – and peaceful. Injury causes an athlete’s attention to be shifted to internal stimuli – namely the injury itself. Athletes can expect the injury to cause them pain – and as they are expecting more pain, they feel more pain. UHD relaxation videos are a great pain distraction. Immersive, they can transport anyone to a scenic waterfall or glorious beach far away from the frustrations of incapacity or the physical pain. Relaxation is essential to a speedy physical and mental recovery from any injury. Try spending some time immersed in the exquisite beauty of nature, watching marine life swim around an aquarium, or resting by a crackling fire and we’re confident all athletes will be able to substantially reduce their recovery time from injuries of all descriptions.
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