Sleeping Videos And Relaxation Video Downloads

aquarium screensaver

Many people use sleeping aids to help with insomnia. Audio books and hypnosis CD’s are the most common choice but have you ever considered using a video? Research has shown that visual stimulation can be just as effective as sound for relaxation and helping people get to sleep. Have you ever noticed how watching television […]

Download MP4 Scenery Videos and Screensavers

Update August 2017; We now offer 4K Ultra HD nature video downloads and nature screensavers. Download Scenery Videos and Screensavers To Relax Your Body, Mind and Soul For the average city dweller, scenery videos can be a great way to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of modern life. A scenery screensaver on […]

Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers

Beautiful Desktop Screensavers

Great Places to Download Free Desktop Wallpapers I used to download desktop wallpapers from National Geographic. However, that is no longer a magazine I support. Nowadays I use our own screensaver screenshots, or download images from social networks like Flickr, photography forums, Facebook etc… Be mindful that Facebook and others greatly reduce the quality of […]